Packages & Peel Series

Welcome to FACEBAR’s Services Page! To view our full Menu of Services, click here. Below you’ll find more detailed information on our Packages & Chemical Peel Series.

The Three Series

3 Beauty Cocktails w/ Boosted Enzyme Peels ($400)

  • Performed on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Garners consistency & acclimates the skin to professional skincare.
  • Best used as a pre-course to peel series.
  • Stand – alone series to prep the skin before events, weddings,  & photo shoots.

Prep: New Clients must schedule Brittany’s Beauty Cocktail w/ Consultation in conjunction with this series to ensure proper acclimation of the skin. Proper homecare is required for results.

Prep + Peel Package

3 Facials W/ Boosted Enzyme Peels + 4 Peel Series ($750)

  • Ideal for clients w/ moderate to severe acne, aging and/or discolored skin.
  • Boosted Enzyme Peels will be performed bi/weekly while Chemical Peels will be performed once a week. Preferably the same time/date each week.
  • Must be using my home care before opting into this series.
  • Prep: Brittany’s Beauty Cocktail w/ Consultation & Brittany’s Beauty Cocktail, stand alone.

Chemical Peel Series

4-8 Chemical Peel Series:
Starting at $400

  • Advanced treatment protocol for severe acne, hyper pigmentation, discoloration and aging skin.
  • Must commit to once weekly peels for 4 weeks minimum, 8 weeks max.
  • NEW CLIENT Prep: Three (3) Facial Series & Brittany’s Beauty Cocktail w/ Consultation.
  • CURRENT CLIENTS purchase at your discretion. Must be using the required products and completed all proper protocols.

Skincare Bundle

Consistency & Results : Facials + Products $900)

The Seasonal Skincare Bundle offers 3+ months of skincare to help maintain normalcy & clarity of your skin throughout the holidays, season changes, and well into the new year! All skin types should purchase this package; even normal skin w/little to no skin concerns can profit and be improved with consistent professional skincare.

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  • Have moderate to severe skincare needs? The Seasonal Skincare Bundle will help clear acne, hyper pigmentation, discoloration, uneven skin tone, excessive oily/ dry skin types, aging, lax, dull & dehydrated skin.
  • Each skin type will receive a customized skincare plan w/ products, protocols, practices & calendar to help take the guess work out of skincare. All you have to do is show up!

Package Includes:

  • 1 Brittany’s Beauty Cocktail w/ Consultation
  • 1 Seasonal Facial – September is the Appletini Fall Cocktail
  • 4 Boosted Enzyme Peels
  • 4 Lactic, Glycolic or TCA Chemical Peels
  • Complete Home Care Kit.

All packages except seasonal skincare bundles require separate purchase of suggested home-care kit.

Home-care kit is included in the seasonal skincare bundle.

All communication regarding packages & series will be done via

Once purchased proceed to the booking site and schedule your first appointment, consultation, or peel under Seasonal Client.

After; PLEASE be on the lookout for an emailed version of your skin care plan.